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1747 Pittwater Rd, Mona Vale NSW 2103, Australia
1747 Pittwater Road Mona Vale New South Wales 2103 AU

Ark House serves both the Christian and mainstream book markets with contemporary, relevant books that carry life-changing content.

A division of Initiate Media (formerly Media Incorp, our name change was made effective in 2011), we publish magazines such as Christian Woman, Soul Purpose, Inspired Business, Faith Reading and Red Music. We own the popular website, plus the popular digital and creative agency, Initiate Agency.

Ark House was launched in 2004 specifically to produce high quality, contemporary books primarily for the Christian market. We also see our role of taking Christian authors to the general book market as a key part of our business and accordingly we have distribution in the US and Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, ensuring our titles are available in a wide range of stores.

Ark House also helps unknown authors get a start via its Author Now division.

Our vision is not only to help gifted authors take their work to the world, but also to get the word of God distributed via one of the most popular and powerful mediums in the world – the humble book.

By distributing books to both the Christian and mainstream market, Ark House is able to make the word of God relevant across multiple subject matters.

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