About Us

Find a Christian Business was launched in 2008, when our company, Initiate Media, acquired the Hillsong Christian Business Directory. Hillsong Church had developed a tremendously successful print directory, which was distributed via churches and Christian bookstores, throughout the Australian city of Sydney.

With a print run in excess of 100,000 copies, it was a sought-after place for Christian businesses to advertise in.

After extensive meetings with Hillsong, our CEO, Matt Danswan and key Hillsong executives, agreed that Initiate Media would acquire the Directory. From there, we launched print directories in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

We then acquired Christian Contact out of New Zealand, which printed 6 regional print directories, and from there, we had a thriving print business directory operation, which was helping hundreds and hundreds of Christian-owned organizations each year to secure business from the Christian marketplace.

Now, many years later, business directories may have moved online, but their ability to connect the marketplace together, and our desire to play a major part in this, has not changed.

Find a Christian Business is an online search website, used to help the Christian community connect and network with other Christian businesses, services and ministries.

In addition, as we are part of global Christian media company, Initiate Media, we also offer a range of services that can help you build your business.

More than search – we help you build your digital business
Having access to our online directory will help bring traffic to your business, but that is just a fraction of what we do. At Find a Christian Business, we have a range of digital services that can help you achieve success online. As part of our company, we own and operate Initiate Agency, our digital ad agency, where we help Christian ministries and businesses across the globe build both beautiful websites, and get their online footprint working.

So get your business listed in our directory today – and view our products here.